8 Best Garment Steamer Brands

8 Best Garment Steamer Brands

When considering a purchase of any home appliance, a trustworthy brand name can be an important consideration. It’s no different for clothes steamers so I have decided to compile some information on the more popular steamer manufacturers available on the market today. Here are the 8 brands that made the list:


One of the oldest and most successful garment steamer brands in the world, Jiffy has accumulated eight decades of manufacturing experience in the United States. Something that we really appreciate about Jiffy is its focus on stellar customer service.

The customer support team at Jiffy is always happy to help us out whether we have questions about a model or want to know more about the company. Each purchase is also backed up by a three year warranty, which helps us feel more secure in the knowledge that we are getting our money's worth. It's apparent that this is a garment steamer company that values quality in what it sells.


Although Salav's name originates from a French saying, the company operates its booming garment steamer business out of California. While many garment steamer companies will design their own makes and models to attract customers, Salav has gone beyond the standard by conjuring a whopping 230 patents.

Not only do we appreciate that level of creativity, but we're also impressed with the sheer scientific knowledge that goes into each Salav product.

This company creates steamers that are capable of treating high-quality materials so it's no wonder there is a plethora of information about steam technology on their website. To top it all off, Salav employs a fine level of craftsmanship by designing their garment steamers to look sleek and aesthetic.


This is another garment steamer merchant offering a wide range of product variations. We immediately noticed that Rowenta has a few more coupons available for returning customers.

There are also some extremely complex models such as an all in one tool that is both a steamer and ironing board. Originally founded in 1909 out of Germany, the company is named after its first owner Robert Weintraud. At first, Rowenta's ancestor Weintraud & Co GmbH stuck with selling items such as clocks and smoking accessories.

As time went on, this brand began selling a slew of kitchen and utility products. Many common household appliances would bear the name Rowenda throughout the decades of the 20th century. And now, as the decades continue, Rowenda remains one of the top brands for travel garment steamers and similar products.


This once humble company has now become a major player int he world of kitchen and household appliances. Conair was born out of a small business running from a garage in Queens, New York. Since its start in 1959, it's expanded its interests into a plethora of different categories.

We have no problem using products from Conair thanks to the obvious quality that goes into each of their creations. Whether it's a hair care product or a stand-up garment steamer, we feel secure that Conair stands by their commitment to long-lasting appliances. This company even has a five-star hotel and spa complete with an 18,000 square foot greenhouse complex. Conair continues to grow as it innovates new products and creates partnerships with other companies.


Another American company, Pursteam runs its operation from Cheyenne, Wyoming. We understand that this is a garment steamer manufacturer that can't necessarily compete with some of the other power players on this list; however, there are a few positive aspects to Pursteam that we think everybody should know about.

Most of the companies on this list stick to a specific set of products that are nearly identical, but Pursteam has items such as oil diffusers which expand its catalogue to interesting levels. It makes sense that a garment steaming company would also create oil diffusers, as much of the technology and parts can be utilized for both types of products.

They also have a line of cleaners that use steam to disinfect and mop up floors, as well as offering plenty of garment steamer choices. Despite its smaller size, we are certain that Pursteam creates products which are just as useful as many of the other names on this list.


iSteam has a few quaint products that we love to use. It may not have some of the more powerful or complex models that other garment steamer companies offer, but it is able to stick to a few very effective steamers, most of which are handheld.

One of the benefits of having a simpler product, aside from an affordable price, is how easy it is to clean. We recommend that consumers looking for a simple garment steamer which they can quickly and easily operate should check out some of the models that iSteam offers. Another thing to note is that, although iSteam may create garment steamers that are easy to use, that doesn't mean they aren't built with cutting-edge technology.

We highly recommend this product for people that need to steam everything from delicate fabrics to materials that are rough and packed with creases.


Tefal is an expansive company which has been operating for over 60 years to bring quality kitchen and home products to customers. They have many garment steamers available for purchase, but we also like how there are even more categories to browse though within their catalogue.

Someone who is interested in buying more than just a garment steamer will find several interesting types of items from Tefal. There is everything from cookware to home care products. A savvy shopper will even find good deals on appliances such as coffee makers and toasters.

Something that sticks out to us about Tefal is its offer of free repair for appliances that break down. Apparently, there are plenty of repair sites which can be used to keep a good product lasting even longer.


Many of us are familiar with Philips as a manufacturer of electronics such as televisions and audio equipment. However, Philips is no stranger to many other niche markets such as garment steamers and home care.

When it comes to advanced technology, Philips seriously impressed us with the level of care that goes into each of its garment steamers. These models are handheld and built to look like a fine piece of machinery.

Although there aren't many options to choose from, Philips has attempted to create a garment steamer that is both easy to use and powerful enough to take care of the toughest jobs.

A feature which we are happy to see in Philips' garment steamer is the ability to customize many different settings. While it's true that a good amount of garment steamers are coming with functions such as temperature control or water pressure, Philips takes it to another level by focusing on creating a fine-tuned experience.

Jenny Hill