How to Steam a Wedding Dress and Veil

How to Steam a Wedding Dress and Veil - The Secret Tricks You Should Know

Have you been stressing about how to steam a wedding dress? You're not alone. Wedding season is upon us, which means more people will be looking for advice on how to steam their dresses!

The good news is that it's easier than you might think - all you need is water and your steamer! Here are some great pointers for how to steam a wedding dress.

Things You Will Need 

  • A clothes steamer
  • Distilled water
  • Clothespins and hangers
  • A spray bottle with water  (Optional)
  • A pair of scissors is handy for trimming off loose threads.
  • Plastic baggies (or ziplock bags) for storing your wedding dress after it's been steamed.

A fabric brush is optional, but it helps to get rid of any dirt or lint accumulated on the dress.

  • White towel or fabric.

Prepare to Steam A Wedding Dress And Veil Properly 

Get The Room Ready 

The process of steaming a wedding dress is not for the faint-hearted. It takes an expert eye and impeccable preparation to steam out any wrinkles successfully, but it can cause extensive damage when done incorrectly!

a wedding dress hanging on a hanger in room

Ensure there are no items that can be melted nearby, such as loose paint or wallpaper, as these will stick on high heat exposure.

Also, be aware of expensive makeup collections that may melt during this time.

Fill The Fabric Steamer with Distilled Water 

For the best experience, always use distilled water in your steamer. It will help it run more smoothly and also prevent fabric stains that can happen with tap water.

After filling up the tank of distilled water, snap on its lid shut to make sure no spills occur while you steam away!

Once done, turn on your unit’s power button and watch for indicator lights to appear, so you know if there are any leaks or not before using it.

Be sure all hose attachments are secure as well!

Test the fabric 

Steaming clothes is a delicate process, but it's essential to know which fabrics you should and shouldn't steam.

easy way to steam a wedding dress

Some are safe for steaming - like cotton fabrics, silks, and polyesters – while others may melt with the heat from the machine!

Check before using your material: Steam one small corner first to make any mistakes when steaming large amounts of garments later on.

You'll want to check what type of care instructions each article has, too; some only require dry cleaning!

Important notes before you start 

Cover steamer heads with fabric 

Make sure not to steam the dress directly with the steam line. There is still the risk of water splashing onto delicate fabrics even when the nozzle is ten inches away.

Instead, I recommend putting a clean white sheet between your wedding dress and the steam nozzle while using the clothes steamer at medium temperature to avoid this problem altogether.

Also, to catch any water droplets that may leave marks on your dress and prevent any drops from burning your arm while you steam! Keep in mind that steam itself can burn your skin, so be careful not to put any part of your body in direct contact with it.

Hold the nozzle horizontally 

a woman is steaming wedding dress

The nozzle of the clothes steamer has an inside shape somewhat like a funnel, so it will naturally create condensation while you're steaming.

In addition, the structure of the steamer makes the water run back down if you hold the nozzle horizontally.

Turning it over on its side can lead to condensation forming in the hose and water spilling out of the steam hole.

Steaming A Wedding Dress And Veil - Step By Step 

Although it may seem like an easy task to accomplish, there are many different ways you can go about doing so that might work better for your specific needs or the way your steamer works.

 So without further ado, let's jump into how you can get started with getting rid of wrinkles on your wedding dress for the big day!

Step 1 Put the dress on hangers 

It is best to find a place where the steam wand has enough space and can be easily maneuvered when you steam a dress. Then hang your clothing up on a hanger. The back of a door is the perfect place for a hook!

wedding dress hanging on hanger in room

Make use of the built-in stands if you have one!

Alternatively, a piece of plastic chain hanging from a hook on your ceiling could work. Do not hang wedding dresses directly on hooks; always hang them up with hangers.

Ensure you hang your dress on padded hangers to protect the shoulders (a steamer can't reshape fabric).

Step 2 Prepare your steamer 

Fill a steamer with distilled water and test by holding it 8 inches away before starting it up. You may need to add additional steam depending on what kind of fabric is used in your wedding dress - heavier materials usually require more moisture than lighter ones like chiffon or tulle, so be sure not to over-dry!

Step 3 Warm-up 

What if you just turn the steamer nozzle on and point it at your dress?

woman is steaming a wedding dess

A lot of people do it, but that can be a bad idea. There likely are some drops of water left after starting up the machine; this is normal!

The steam won't fully reach its optimum temperature until about 20 seconds have passed anyway, so don't worry too much about those first few droplets - they'll evaporate in no time.

Ensure to flick off any excess condensed liquid before pointing anywhere near the clothing, as these tiny droplets could stain fabric!

Step 4 Set your clothes steamer to the proper setting 

Start by finding the right steam setting for your fabric type, then slowly move the steamer down and across a length of fabric from top to bottom.

Once this has been accomplished, observe the effect on creases before moving on. Adjust the position of your steamer if you aren't satisfied with the results.

If you have multiple layers in your skirt, steam each one separately.

Step 5 Get Rid Of Wrinkles

To remove wrinkles from your wedding dress, carefully pull the fabric taut and begin to steam it.

a woman is steaming wedding dress

Hold the steamer approximately 6 inches away from each section of your garment for about 1-2 minutes.

Work in sections starting at the top until you reach the bottom, going back up as necessary to ensure that all areas have been covered with a light layer of heat before moving on to another area of clothing.

If you have a long-sleeved dress to steam out the wrinkles and make it look nice again, start by steaming each arm.

Next, work on the chest area in front of those arms since those are what people see first when they look at your outfit.

After finishing with one side, turn over the garment so you can do another part without having to move around too much or bend awkwardly while holding up the heavy fabric.

The top of the back tends not to be seen as often but still needs some attention because all parts should be prepared for your special day!

For tulle, lace, and chiffon wedding dresses, apply the steam in small circles rather than with long strokes.

Step 6 Don't forget the veil!

a man is steaming a veil

It is often the veil that wrinkles the most easily and will detract from your clean, crisp dress if not correctly cared for! But, on the other hand, the steamed veil may create a beautiful airbrushed look.

When steaming the veil, turn the steamer to a lower setting. It will take longer, veils are even more delicate, and many are embellished with glued-on rhinestones, which can melt when exposed to high temperatures.

Step 7 Let the Wedding Dress dry before putting on

Dresses are delicate and need to be handled with care, making sure it is completely dry before you wear them.

When the steaming process is finished, don't put the dress on yet - let it sit for 10 minutes instead!

Steamed clothes have a tendency to get clammy when they're not thoroughly dried out right away. Putting these dresses back on will only cause wrinkles to set in faster than usual if they aren't given time to cool first.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it safe to steam a wedding dress? 

Yes, it is safe to steam a wedding dress. A handheld steamer can help you get those pesky creases out and make your dress look perfect.

Be careful not to steam directly onto the fabric, as water droplets may leave marks that are difficult to remove later. It's safer to steam through a white cloth.

Can I steam a tulle dress?

Sure, you can! You can use a clothes steamer or an iron with a steam function. When steaming the wrinkled tulle, make sure the steam is approximately 6 to 8 inches away from the tulle.

It is very important not to touch the tulle with the high heat settings, as it will melt instantly.

Can you steam a lace wedding dress?

Yes! You can steam the delicate materials in a lace wedding dress- IF you are very careful to use indirect, low heat and avoid touching it with metal!

You could try using woolen or material-safe steamer on the lowest setting- allowing the natural moisture from your air to do most of the work. Before you apply the hot steam to your wedding dress, be sure to test it out in small spots first.

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