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Philips Garment Steamer Reviews 

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Philips is not only a manufacturer of clothes steamers but one of the behemoths in consumer electronics and appliances. They are among the best-known companies in garment care and one of the largest producers of irons in the world.

This review looks in detail at their most popular models available on the market today. As usual, we don’t only rely on our own experiences with the products but also dug into the feedback from other long-term users as well.

Let’s see if their garment steamers live up to their reputation or focusing on manufacturing such a wide variety of products has a negative effect on quality?

About the company

The company is based in Amsterdam, Holland with manufacturing facilities around the world. They have originally started making electric shavers followed by cassette players and lighting accessories.

Today they make just about every kind of consumer electronics products as well as maintaining a professional healthcare division. The brand is trusted by millions of consumers worldwide and enjoys a generally good reputation. (1)

With that, let’s take a closer look at some of the current Philips garment steamers models available online.


This handy travel-friendly steamer can be your new best friend if you need to touch up 1-2 pieces of clothing often and you need to do it fast. It features a 70 ml water tank which produces enough steam for 1 piece of garment in about 45 seconds. Since the water tank is easy to detach and refill you can quickly rinse and repeat the process if needed.

Whether you are on the road for frequent business trips or just want to refresh your work clothes before you hit the office in the morning, the Philips GC362 won’t let you down. It’s safe to use on delicate materials so you can do the job even if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet.

steam and go steamer

The 2.5m long power cord is longer than the standard allowing you to find a suitable spot for hanging your clothes easily.

It’s compact size, light weight of only 1.28kg as well as the storage bag, brush and glove accessories are making it an ideal travel companion without bulking up your luggage.


  • Heating up quickly within 45 seconds
  • Safe on all fabrics
  • 70 ml detachable water tank
  • Lightweight 1.28 kg
  • 1300W power
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Travel friendly
  • 2.5m cord length


  • Fast heating up time
  • Works well on every fabric, even the un-washable items
  • Simple set up
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Ergonomic body
  • Long power cord
  • Easy to fill the water tank


  • Small water tank
  • Minimum water level is not marked


Browsing through the feedback from users of the Philips GC362, customers are pleased with the distinctive and stylish black and gold color of the device.

Many have mentioned the safe use of the steamer on delicate fabrics such as dress shirts, skirts, silk dresses and many others which allows you to quickly de-wrinkle these garments without having to pay attention to the power setting such as the case with an iron when dealing with sensitive materials.

Parents have also highlighted the heatproof bag coming with the clothes steamer which can come in handy when you have kids plating around the house.

Finally, users are happy about the lightweight design making it easy to hold the steamer for longer sessions without tiring their hands.

Who is it for? 

The Philips GC362/86 can be a great choice for frequent business travelers or office workers who don’t wanna deal with daily ironing sessions for getting their clothes ready in the morning.

Philips StyleTouch GC442/67

This hand-held garment steamer is designed for home use as a device to compliment your ironing sessions. It’s compact, self-standing design and long power cord makes it ideal to use on a dressing table. It is intended to refresh clothes that have been stored for a longer time rather than replacing your iron.

At 1.42kg it is still lightweight but with its 200ml water tank it is a lot bulkier than the GC362 model so we would not recommend it for traveling. You can comfortably steam 2-3 pieces of garments with one fill.

handheld steamer philips

The 1500W power produces steam up to 30g/min which is slightly higher than the GC362 but still safe for delicate fabrics, guaranteed to not cause any burns. We found this the most useful feature as you don’t need to fuss about the heat settings based on the material composition of the clothing you intend to use it on.

The supplied brush, safe steaming glove and StyleMat support provide a good set of accessories.


  • Lightweight at 1.42 kg
  • Compact self-standing design
  • No fabric burns guarantee
  • 200ml water tank
  • 1600W power
  • Suited for both vertical and horizontal ironing


  • Easy to use
  • Quick heating up time
  • Handy style
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible, portable
  • Can use tap water


  • Doesn’t work well on thick fabrics
  • Power cable could be longer
  • Not modern-looking with beige color
  • The flow of steam is gentle, not too powerful


Users reinforced the idea that this steamer is not designed to replace your iron, while it works well to smooth minor crumpling it is not a good option for deep wrinkles on heavier fabrics. Most customers seem to find it useful for a last-minute touch-up of clothing before going out.

One buyer has also confirmed that this is not a traveling device, if you are looking to take it with you on the road, the GC362 is a much better option.

We also must mention that – even though the buyers who are able to use the model are generally happy with it – there was an alarming number of comments mentioning that they have received a faulty device. Some even received a replacement which did not work suggesting that there might be some quality issues with the model.

Who is it for? 

It’s best suited for light home use, as a device to compliment your iron for a quick refreshment of garments before wearing them.

Philips ComfortTouch Plus GC558/36

Moving on to the standing category, the GC558/36 is a strong candidate if you are on the lookout for a stylish full-size garment steamer. With a powerful stream of 40g/min with 5 different settings and the built-in fragrance infuser you can quickly refresh any clothing items from delicate fabrics to thicker materials.

comfort touch steamer

The garment hanger on the adjustable double poles makes this a stand-alone unit without the need to look for suitable place to hang your clothes on. The same safety auto off feature that’s standard on the Philips models guarantees that you can do the steam job without worrying about burn marks.

The supplied 1800ml, detachable water tank can last up to 25 pieces of garments with one fill making it an excellent choice if you have a bigger family to look after.

The usual brush and safety glove accessories are also coupled with 2 My Essence fragrance cups for a little extra touch.


  • Continuous steam 40g/min
  • 5 fabrics steam settings for different kinds of fabric
  • My Essence fragrance infuser for any oil-based fragrance
  • Adjustable double pole
  • 2000W power
  • 1.8 l water tank capacity
  • Flexible steam head
  • Automatic on/off switch when the water tank is empty
  • Hang&Lock feature to prevent the hanger from swinging or falling off


  • Heats up quickly
  • Long steam hose
  • Works effectively on several types of fabric
  • Unique Essence fragrance infuser feature
  • Well designed with modern and stylish look
  • Useful extra-long Style Board accessory
  • Powerful steam


  • Doesn’t work well on deep creases
  • Steam head holder could be designed better
  • Takes up living space as it’s quite bulky


A reviewer commented on how this steamer helps her cut down on dry cleaning bills with the same results provided at home. Not to mention the hassle to drop off and pick up your clothes.

Another user points out that the GC558 takes up about the same storage space as an ironing board but it works well and saves her time so in her opinion it has certainly “earned” its place.

She extensively uses it for bedding and curtains too which would be difficult to do with a traditional iron.

Another user uses it very effectively to quickly de-wrinkle her clothes in the last minute before hanging them up and the steamer is just a much more convenient option for this that an iron would be.

Who is it for? 

It’s useful for large families or for bigger homes – think more curtains and beddings - or as a light backup option for commercial shops.

Philips Perfect Care Elite Steam Generator GC9630/20

While not a classic clothes steamer we decided to include this powerhouse in the article. It’s a hybrid between a steamer and a classic iron and can be the right choice if you need to go through a large pile of garments and don’t wanna spend the whole afternoon on the task with a regular iron.

monster garment steamer

This beast comes with an impressive steam output of 135g/min which blows away classic garment steamers. It goes through even the deepest creases with ease, dramatically speeding up the ironing process.

The ceramic sole plate is scratch resistant, and the light weight of the iron makes it ideal for vertical steaming of curtains in addition to clothing items.

The OptimalTEMP technology makes sure that all materials receive the correct temperature and the device comes with the usual Philips no fabric burn guarantee.


  • Powerful 135g/min steam output multi-layers fabrics
  • Auto optimal temperature setting
  • 1.8 liters detachable water tank
  • Quick heating up in 2 mins
  • Ultra-light iron weight (0.8kg)
  • Safe carry lock
  • Smooth and scratch resistant ceramic soleplate
  • 2400W of power


  • Optimal TEMP technology guarantees no burns
  • Powerful steam flow with steam boost for the deepest creases
  • Large, easy to fill water tank
  • Quick heating-up
  • Unique easy De-Calc Plus system
  • Energy Save mode


  • Quite noisy
  • Distilled water (deionized water) is preferred to tap water for the long life of this steamer
  • Power cord could be longer


Several users mention the power of the steam coming out of the steamer delivering on the promise of erasing even the most stubborn wrinkles.

One customer highlighted the fact that it cools down just as fast as it speeds up so you don’t have to wait too long before you can put it away after use.

The automatic heat-optimizing and cleaning technologies score high on many users list as they make life easier and really distinguish this Philips steam generator from regular garment steamers.

One reviewer highlighted the light weight of the iron allowing her to go through a big pile of clothes in one session without tiring her arms.

A user mentioned that the need for ionized water can add extra expense if you are living in an area with hard tap water.

Who is it for? 

A must for anyone who regularly faces huge piles of clothes and is also looking to get a device that does curtains too. We venture to say you can’t really go wrong with the Philips GC9630 as a present for any occasion.


Philips garment steamers are a strong contender in some categories such as the Steam&Go Plus GC362/86 travel steamer and the stylish GC558/36 full size standing model. However, we feel that there are other clothes steamer brands to consider if you are on the market for a handheld home device or looking to buy a heavy-duty standing steamer.

Jenny Hill