Salav Garment Steamer Reviews

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You may have seen Salav appearing as the steamer of choice for events such as the Paris Fashion Week and beauty contests around the world. 

If you are looking for information on how these steamers perform for home use and whether one of their models can be the right investment for you, this article will provide the answers.

I have included the review of a travel steamer, two standing steamers and a stem iron – garment steamer combo from Salav’s Professional line. Let’s see how they stand up to other brands.

About the company

Salav is one of the largest producers of steam appliances including clothes steamers and is one of the true innovators in the industry. Getting in the arena with many of the biggest names in consumer electronics they focus on perfecting their steam technology to create an edge vs their competitors.

With several manufacturing plants and distribution in over 20 countries, Salav is a worldwide brand. (1)

Big on design as well as performance they aim for the top spot in the niche. Let’s see how their reviewed models performed on a range of clothing materials and if you should spend your money on a Salav garment steamer or look elsewhere instead.

Salav GS18-DJ/120 White Performance Garment Steamer 

The entry model from Salav in the home steamer category is probably their most popular device and for good reason. It is light, easy to move around the house and can be quickly put away after use. The telescopic pole combined with the adjustable built-in hanger makes it a breeze to fit for almost any clothing items. It also makes it easy to fit into a storage cupboard.

On the performance side, the size of the water reservoir allows for a full hour of continuous steaming and the heating time of just 45 seconds is among the best in the category. The quality of the steam is very consistent – thanks to the double insulation of the hose – and plenty enough to handle even thicker fabrics.

In my opinion, this is one of the top choices available on the market today for light home use and can be a very well received present for elderly parents too.


  • 1500 W power
  • ½ gallon (1.8L) water tank capacity
  • Unique adjustable hanger
  • Telescopic pole for easy height adjustment


  • Quick 45 seconds heating time
  • 60 min continuous steam capacity
  • Double insulated hose for steady steam temperature
  • Easy storage with the telescopic pole
  • Works great on delicate materials


  • The hose could be longer
  • Can lose some steam power if you hold the head too close to the ground


The Salav GS-18 is a hit with most buyers. It receives high scores on the ease of assembly and the practical design allowing for quick and simple storage after use. It is a lightweight device, making it an ideal choice for elderly people too.

As a trade off for the light materials used for manufacturing the steamer, heavy use will start showing after a few years. This is to be expected as this model is for the home user, not intended for commercial use.

The super quick heating time and the ample water tank size makes this a very capable home steamer. The strength and quality of the steam – an often criticized week point for many clothes steamers in this price category – receives very good feedback from several users.

Who is it for? 

The GS-18 is a great budget choice for a standing home steamer.

The power and the steam quality provide good value and can handle any steaming needs for a family of 2-4 people. The single pole lacks the stability to handle commercial use.

Salav GS45-DJ Professional Series Clothes Steamer

A step up from the GS-18, the GS45-DJ Professional Series steamer is a very well designed and usable garment steamer for home use. The single telescopic pole has been replaced with dual poles, adding to the stability of the device significantly. The multi hanger is a practical feature, accommodating shirts, pants and smaller garments alike.

Equipped with essentially the same steam system as the smaller model, the double insulated hose helps maintaining steam quality throughout the session. The ample water tank size let’s you steam on for up to an hour. With just a 45 seconds heating time, Salav has produced one of the most ready-to-use systems in the category.

For added convenience and control, the GS45-DJ comes with foot pedals, allowing you to adjust the power and steam settings without stopping. The steamer comes with a nice set of accessories comprising of a brush, a mini paddle, hanger clips and a pants press.


  • 1500 W power
  • ½ gallon (1.8L) water tank capacity
  • Built-in multi hanger
  • Double telescopic bars
  • 2 heating levels
  • Foot pedal controls


  • 60 min continuous steam capacity
  • Double insulated hose for steady steam temperature
  • Built-in hanger fits many different clothing items
  • Retractable power cord
  • Quick 45 seconds heating time


  • The steam level is not quite “professional”
  • The foot pedals are a little high


The Salav GS45 receives high scores on ease of assembly, ease of use and the value for money from buyers. The super-fast heating time and the good, consistent steam power are loved by many users, as well as the added stability from the dual bars.

On the negative side, some people still expected higher steam pressure – possibly because of higher expectations due to the name of the product line. The retractable power cord is convenient but could be longer.

Overall, most feedback is positive, and I think Salav offers a solid, stylish model for the home steamer market with the GS45-DJ.

Who is it for? 

Even though the name says “professional”, the GS-45 is really best suited for home use.

It can be a great choice for a modern, stylish home. Due to the built-in multi hanger and dual telescope it is both stable and versatile enough to handle a wide variety of garments for the entire family.

Salav TS-01 Travel Handheld Garment Steamer

The travel steamer model from Salav seems to be a hit or miss for most people. It is a very compact and light model so it will not add too much bulk to your suitcase. The auto voltage adjustment feature comes handy if you frequently travel overseas. I also like the design, with the solid grip handle, bigger nozzle than most travel models and 6 available colors.

Most of the problems arise when we get to the performance of the TS-01. The water tank capacity of 60ml is very small – even for travel steamer standards. It really only provides enough steam to refresh 1-2 clothing items – which may well suit many users such as business travelers.

The power of the steam is another sticking point for people used to more powerful home garment steamers. While it is strong enough to remove most of the creases from a shirt accumulates during travel – especially if the shirt was pressed before the trip - it does not provide enough steam to smoothen clothes that were cramped in a suitcase for long.


  • 265 W power
  • 60ml water tank capacity
  • Automatic voltage adjustment for travel
  • 6 available colors


  • Compact and lightweight (1.2 lbs)
  • Solid design with good grip
  • Handle doubles as a measuring cup


  • Small water tank
  • Slow heating time of 150 seconds
  • Does not work well on heavy fabrics


As I mentioned earlier, the TS-01 is a hit or miss with buyers. I feel the deciding factor is whether you are using it for the intended purpose. This is a model designed specifically with frequent business travelers in mind who need to refresh a few clothing items at a time.

Most of the positive feedback is coming from users who try to do just that – a quick touch-up of shirts and dresses before you go out – and performing similar small jobs. It also scores high on being lightweight and ease of use, making it very suitable for travel.

The majority of negative points raised are regarding the power of the steam – or the lack of power to be exact. The small water tank size is also often mentioned, and some users say the TS-01 is dripping water during use.

Who is it for? 

With the auto voltage adjustment, the TS-01 is a true friend for frequent international travelers.

It’s best suited for refreshing a few shirts and clothing items, the small water tank will make going through several clothes a bit of a chore. Great for solo travelers, if you are on the road with a family, get a bigger model.

Salav ST-50 Professional Iron Clothes Steamer

A higher category model that combines the usability of a clothes steamer with that of a steam iron, the ST-50 is a unique device from Salav. The choice is yours, you can steam most of your every day clothes without the inconvenience of ironing them but you still have the option of a sharp press on clothing items where it matters.

The 1800 W of power combined with the double heating system – with an additional heating element on the steam nozzle – provides high quality, consistent steam to effectively remove wrinkles from just about any fabrics. The nozzle can be rotated around with a remote control for ironing and steaming use.

The rotating, built-in ironing board is somewhat short which limits its usability but still adds convenience for handling many garment types.

The ST-50 is designed for stationary use and can be a little pain to move around. In return, it is versatile and powerful enough to handle light commercial use in addition to home duties.


  • 3-in-1 iron, clothes steamer and ironing board
  • 1800 W power
  • Double heating system
  • Nano ceramic coated steam panel
  • Dual telescopic poles
  • 1.2 liters (1/3 gallon) water tank capacity


  • Powerful steam
  • Handy remote control
  • Rotatable ironing board
  • Stylish design with rose gold color
  • 60 seconds heating time


  • The hose could be longer
  • Water tank is smaller than other models


The ST-50 is very highly rated on steam quality and the ability to remove wrinkles. Several users note that it’s an expensive model but it’s worth the price as it performs well compared to many cheaper garment steamers.

The versatile functionality of this combo device also receives prize. Having essentially a steamer and an iron at the same time gives you more options for any clothing items to deal with. The overall quality and style of the device is well received among buyers.

Among the few weak points the lack of height adjustability for the ironing board and the short length of the board was mentioned. This makes the ST-50 less suitable for handling long items such as coats and long dresses. The lack of wheels means that it’s not that easy to move around as other steamers on wheels.

Who is it for? 

The ST-50 is a stylish and versatile choice for bigger families with many different clothing items to care for.

It can handle a quick steaming session for everyday clothes and also makes sure that the dress shirts are pressed to a high standard. It is also suitable for light commercial use.

Conclusion about Salav Steamers

Salav makes good steamers for home use, both the GS-18 and the GS-45 are among the better choices for their price range. If you want a steamer but not quite ready to give up your iron yet, the ST-50 can provide a great alternative.

It’s also a brand that pays particular attention to modern design so if you are someone who is looking for not only a good garment steamer but also a stylish accessory, Salav may be the brand to look at. Their handheld range has some gaps, I think the TS-01 suits business travelers well, but I would look at other choices for a family who travels a lot.

Jenny Hill